VesiVax® TLR0 CALV Kit

VesiVax® TLR4 CALV Kit
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VesiVax® TLR4 CALV Kit

Price per Unit (vial): $495.00
Number vials in packaging:4
Number vials in box:1
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The VesiVax® TLR4 Conjugatable Adjuvant Lipid Vesicles kit is designed to provide vaccinologists and immunologists access to the excellent immunostimulatory properties of the VesiVax® system. The VesiVax® TLR4 conjugatable liposome contains a TLR4-specific agonist, monophosphoryl Lipid A, and maleimide groups on the outer surface that allow covalent conjugation with sulfhydryl-containing molecules (e.g., cysteine group on peptides). Maleimides react with sulfhydryl groups to form stable thioether bonds. The optimal pH for the reaction is at pH 7.0. The VesiVax® TLR4 kit allows the user to covalently conjugate the desired target antigen for an easy to use antigen delivery method.

Customer Reviews:

admin  (Friday, 10 February 2012)
Rating: 5
“Our laboratory was an alpha-test site for the CALV kit. The kit is very easy to use. In laboratory animals, it enabled our antigen of interest to induce good antibody responses” - Zhengrong Cui, Associate Professor, Division of Pharmaceutics, University of Texas at Austin